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NOW AVAILABLE IN THE STORE The Chester County Automaton(s) Eastbound Jungle Brother Bailey’s Pageant of Moral Superiority and Creation Science Island Jamboree Three plays now available in print or digital.

Pop-Platform your writing career!

Are you afraid of the tired clichés of your platform optimization style? Are you lacking in that zip-pow style that others seem to effortlessly inhabit? Pop-Platform optimization metrics can vary between the obscure and ill-defined to the unclear, but it’s not about the trees –it’s the forest and the magical woodland creatures living in that forest that should be your  [ Read More ]

Adventuring in the Seas

Adventuring in the Seas (or other large bodies of water) When adventuring in the sea there are a multitude of ways in which one can further their status as an adventurer. First, a few obvious things to be aware of:  Jealous Mermen will most definitely be a problem. The confluence of your adventurers’ charm plus the natural wantonness of the  [ Read More ]

In this episode Alex breaks some very exciting and truly not-boring news regarding a robot that draws in the sand. Brad attempts to defend a bizarre 80’s snuggie dress. We salute a True-Blue American Hero in International Waters as he fights for our freedom to share our love of Andy Rooney-like myopic unaware rambling with the world. Perfect Strangers opens  [ Read More ]

Pretender expert-by-relation Nutty, Matt, and stowaway Mel join us to discuss the instantly forgettable 5×18 “The Pine Bluff Variant” in which Stingray tricks Mulder into going undercover to infiltrate a domestic terrorist organization that is actually the government. We also discuss the heartbreaking Millennium 2×18 “In Arcadia Ego.” Check out Intro to X Episode 5×18

More to arrive in 2015

Massive updates are awaiting in mid Jan. Until then sample pages are available for many of my plays.

Third Quarter Moon: A Complex-Derivative Love Story   When a shockingly self obsessed girl moves to a small town, a wealthy vampire and an often shirtless Mummy vie for her attention. Unsure of what draws them to her, they soon learn that she is a “Job Creator” — A rare breed of human that, through sheer random circumstance, has stumbled  [ Read More ]

The Council

The Council     Based on close observation of the workings of city councils around the nation “The Council” toys with the inherent minutia of small town politics and the strange personalities drawn to these offices as well as the genuinely earnest practice of government at its most fundamental level. The Council discovers that the individual voice can still be  [ Read More ]

Sarah Tulley & The Golden Hymen of Honor: A Tale of Temptation and Temerity in Frontier Times Set in the 1870′s, We follow the trials of the young Sarah Tulley as she tries to walk the fine line between the wretchedness of reticent purity and the public scandal brought on by perceived possible displays of sinful passions, all the while  [ Read More ]

Eastbound Jungle

Eastbound Jungle   Set in a small hobo “jungle”, or camp, Eastbound Jungle follows a small group of hobos through a deeply tragic character driven story. These hobos have chosen a life of travel, freedom, and short term migrant work for themselves in opposition to the humdrum existence of “civilian” social obligations. They are a tight knit group depending only  [ Read More ]