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In this episode Alex breaks some very exciting and truly not-boring news regarding a robot that draws in the sand. Brad attempts to defend a bizarre 80’s snuggie dress. We salute a True-Blue American Hero in International Waters as he fights for our freedom to share our love of Andy Rooney-like myopic unaware rambling with the world. Perfect Strangers opens  [ Read More ]

Pretender expert-by-relation Nutty, Matt, and stowaway Mel join us to discuss the instantly forgettable 5×18 “The Pine Bluff Variant” in which Stingray tricks Mulder into going undercover to infiltrate a domestic terrorist organization that is actually the government. We also discuss the heartbreaking Millennium 2×18 “In Arcadia Ego.” Check out Intro to X Episode 5×18

I’ll Watch That Podcast: D.C. Cab

I join Tammy and Dan to discuss the Mr. T + Gary Busey classic double feature, disguised as one film, “D.C. Cab” and it’s amazing soundtrack. Download I’ll Watch That: D.C. Cab