Pop-Platform your writing career!


Are you afraid of the tired clichés of your platform optimization style? Are you lacking in that zip-pow style that others seem to effortlessly inhabit?

Pop-Platform optimization metrics can vary between the obscure and ill-defined to the unclear, but it’s not about the trees –it’s the forest and the magical woodland creatures living in that forest that should be your real source of focus and legitimate attempts to expand your platform using pop-platform methodology!

If you’re going to pop-platform your platform it’s important to remember how, what, and where your platform is now. Do that. Reflect on it and/or journal. Have you considered making a platform dream board? I didn’t ask you to, but bonus points if you took the initiative.

But what IS pop-platforming? And how will it affect my current platform as seen in my dreamboard? (THIS is where that extra credit pays off. If you didn’t make the dreamboard –as not specifically asked for earlier, make two now.)

Pop-Platforming is the formal regiment you employ in the aesthetic plan of attack you use in your platform.

A few handy tips!


  1. Don’t be a rhinoceros

If Ionesco taught us anything it is the absurdity of people being rhinoceroses and charging into your pop-platform without careful human planning is equally absurd.


  1. It’s not just what you know…

Building a platform on subjects you have a specific knowledge and expertise is a cornerstone of a solid platform. Now let’s pop it out to also include things you don’t know or have zero specialized knowledge in. The ill-informed and bumbling are often adorable in their attempts. (–see video of kittens)

If you are writing for the internet you’ll understand the selling power of adorable. If you are writing for the Wall Street Journal you will not. Diversity. #Diversity

NOTE: Writing publications for monsters made out of intangible fear is a completely different market. We will address extending your pop-platform platform optimization matrix to include these later.

By contrasting your success and platform techniques with others you can measure your self-worth and make the decision if you are worth the investment in your own time. If you find your self-worth lacking, maybe you would be better suited to provide pop-platform platform assistance to others. Check out my soon to be released Kindle Single “The Pop-Platform Revolution: A Platform Sourceguide 1st edition 2015” or take my webinar.