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Pop-Platform your writing career!

Are you afraid of the tired clichés of your platform optimization style? Are you lacking in that zip-pow style that others seem to effortlessly inhabit? Pop-Platform optimization metrics can vary between the obscure and ill-defined to the unclear, but it’s not about the trees –it’s the forest and the magical woodland creatures living in that forest that should be your  [ Read More ]

Adventuring in the Seas

Adventuring in the Seas (or other large bodies of water) When adventuring in the sea there are a multitude of ways in which one can further their status as an adventurer. First, a few obvious things to be aware of:  Jealous Mermen will most definitely be a problem. The confluence of your adventurers’ charm plus the natural wantonness of the  [ Read More ]

More to arrive in 2015

Massive updates are awaiting in mid Jan. Until then sample pages are available for many of my plays.