Brother Bailey’s Pageant of Moral Superiority and Creation Science Island Jamboree Binky and Simone have a kameah-meah super problem! If they don’t get an “A” in the science fair they’re going to end up in summer school locked away from all the other Beach Buddy Tagalongs. What’s standing in their way? SCIENCE. Luckily Brother Bailey is here to get rid  [ Read More ]

Prosperity Turning

Prosperity Turning   Set in the small town of Prosperity during the 1930’s, this adaptation of The Tempest focuses on Andredo, a half gypsy, half native american raised by a corrupt and abusive mayor. Whose life is forever changed when a catasrophic tornado brings a big city newspaper journalist and a radio man into town offering him a chance for  [ Read More ]

Sycophants Refuge

Sycophants Refuge   Guilt and weakness borne of a family’s dark secrets begin to come to the surface when Driscol, a friend of the family, temporarily moves in. This newcomer quickly begins a quixotic quest to unearth their long buried turmoil, but he may very well be just as tortured and scarred as the family he has taken up residence with. As  [ Read More ]

All The Hot Chicks are in Hell

All The Hot Chicks are in Hell   Due to an unfortunate technicality a life-long atheist is forced to go to a Christian Heaven that is exactly as described in the Bible. A Heaven that demands constant praise and worship to the arrogant God that brought us such ingenious creations as the ostrich and the manatee. As his nerves are  [ Read More ]

The Chester County Automaton(s)

The Chester County Automaton(s) The First Uniform Church of Perpetual Joy and Humility is faced with its greatest fear, the local Scientist Doctor Metternich is in the process of creating an Automaton, a mechanical man. This horrific event can only mean that the “End Times” are at hand. Meanwhile, the young son of the minister finds himself abandoning all reason  [ Read More ]

I’ll Watch That Podcast: D.C. Cab

I join Tammy and Dan to discuss the Mr. T + Gary Busey classic double feature, disguised as one film, “D.C. Cab” and it’s amazing soundtrack. Download I’ll Watch That: D.C. Cab